Halfway Through 2017: Reflections on “The Carpenter”

One of my “New Years Resolutions” was to read a book a month for the year of 2017. This is actually the first year that I have stuck to a New Years Resolution.  I have always said that “I am not a reader,” but after each of these books I am learning more and more the importance of reading.  The 6 books below have all been recommendations from friends.

  1. “Relentless” by Tim S Grover
  2. “6 Months to 6 Figures” by Peter Voogd
  3. “Mental Toughness” by William Anderson
  4. “The Long Journey to Jake Palmer” by James L. Rubart
  5. “The School of Greatness.”  by Lewis Howes
  6. “The Carpenter” by Jon Gordon

Each book has obviously has been completely different.  It takes me awhile to finish these books because the words really get in my head.  The words will come straight off the page and I start self reflecting, then I completely analyze myself, then I get really mad, then I start thinking how far I am from where I want to be, then I shut down, then I talk to someone close to me, then I realize that I am actually right where I need to be.  I would love to say that this doesn’t happen as least 3 times during each book, but that would be a lie.

Each book has taught me a lot about myself.  Mostly about what things I really want to change, honestly! A big thing I have wanted each one of these books to teach me is how to CONTROL my mind.  How to not let certain things or people get me down, how to not over analyze something thats really simple, how to mentally be the strongest I can be, how to …… the list is endless.  This last book was really different from me.  “The Carpenter” really pulled me out of my own head.

Below are 5 TAKEAWAY’S from “The Carpenter.”

Screen-Shot-2016-06-24-at-10.14.50-PM“What Matters Most”  — The two main Characters in the Book are Michael and “The Carpenter.”  The Carpenter saves Michaels life when he collapses on a running trail in the woods, by discovering him and calling EMS.  Michael at that moment is a stressed out Husband, Dad, and Business Owner who is just trying to keep his head above water.  Michael is forced to take time off from work and “REST!” The Carpenter is hired by Michael to build an entertainment system for his wife, he ends up radically changing his life.  Before they begin building the entertainment system together he has Michael answer a series of really deep questions.  Honestly, these questions were really tough to answer.  Have you ever tried to answer the question, “What Matters Most.”  When trying to answer this question you have the answer that you would LIKE to give, and then the HONEST answer… well at least I DO.  I matter a lot to myself — am I growing — am I going to get left behind — am I where I need to be at 27 years old — what am I doing this weekend.  Ideally, what matters most would be, not myself.  

QUOTE NUMBER 1″ : “Love the struggle because it makes you appreciate your accomplishments.  Love the challenges because they make you stronger.  Love the competition because it makes you better.  Love the negative people because they make you more positive.  Love those who have hurt you because they teach you forgiveness.  Love fear because it makes you more courageous.”  It really does not get much better than this.  I could read this over and over, it is a total mindset shift.  Take every struggle, challenge, competition, negative person, person who hurts you, and every fear and you can use EVERY BIT OF IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

The Role of FEAR:  What is your greatest fear? How many times have you really answered that question in your life.  The Carpenter gets the root of what FEAR really is.  Right off the top of my head my greatest fears are, not being successful, not making a difference, missing out, not living to my potential, and looking back on my life with what if’s and regrets.  There’s a look inside the mind of Shaun Nibert. The Carpenter asks Michael, “Do you fear that you won’t be successful? Do you fear things won’t go your way? INSTEAD, — do everything with love and you will cast out all fear, you will FLOW instead of stress and you will create more success than you can imagine.” The Carpenter talks about how you see the world determines the world you see and how the world sees you, and that perspective can take a bad situation and turn it into a great outcome.  Changing my perspective of fear and channeling it to FAITH changes everything.  “With vision, hope, and faith, I will never give up and will always move forward toward my destiny.”  

{{ the secret to life and the greatest success strategy of all is to love all of it and fear none of it }}

People > Everything Else:  In todays world we see a lot of people investing in things more than relationships.  I believe especially in todays world that this is something I need to be reminded of daily.  When we die the only thing we will be measured by is the difference and the investment we made in others lives.  No one stands up at a funeral and talks about the deceased persons bank account, wins and losses, square footage of their house, etc.  “Slowly and subtly we spend less time and communicate less with those who will be crying at our funeral and before we know it, we look around and were alone and feel empty.”  Focus on the people who mean a lot to you, add value to their life, give those people the most important thing that you have, YOUR TIME.

QUOTE NUMBER 2″  I know that I’m not a human being having a spiritual experience.  I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.  While I have a body, it is my soul and spirit that powers me.  Artists create from the depths of their soul.  An artist is moved by the spirit.  I know who I am, and I know the power that moves me to create……. You know we can all create with this power, but to many people have forgotten who they truly are.  Two thousand years ago there was no separation between someones work life and their spiritual life.  Now we separate them and wonder why people are so miserable.  Work is meant to be a spiritual experience, not a daily chore and a grind.  All work is sacred. Everything is spiritual.  When you bring your spirit to work you will become a powerful builder of success.”  

That final quote is where I want to end.

When you bring your Spirit to work, you really will become a powerful BUILDER of SUCCESS.  






Author: ShaunNibert

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