No Ceilings With Khalid Mutakabbir

I just got off a Phone Call with one of my best & inspirational friends Khalid Mutakabbir. Khalid is one of those guys I can always call for his honest opinion and feedback, carrier advice, and most importantly inspiration.  This guy has been through it and continues to push through every obstacle with the most positive attitude.  When we were talking this morning he said something that led me to write this blog post..

you have to create a life that has no ceilings” He says.  That may not mean anything to you YET.  The more and more I thought about this statement it magnified the importance of it in my mind.  No ceilings means you can go as high as you want in life.  I am someone who is driven by progress.  I want to see myself progressing everyday and this quote he said got me thinking about the importance of this in every area of life, and the fact that this guy who has been through it can stand on the other side of it and say things like this leads me to want to honor him in this blog.

I have known Khalid for about 9 years.  My dad being the college basketball coach at Presbyterian College my entire life, Khalid was one of his best players to go through Presbyterian College.  My dad is a tough person, hes no nonsense, he demands perfection, he wants your absolute best in every moment.  That is also how Khalid was raised and the standard that he also set for himself.  Some of my favorite moments in college were working out with him or rebounding for him for hours in the gym because he just couldn’t practice enough.  It inspired me to be around him and I knew he would always do great things (AND HE IS). FullSizeRender-2.jpg I learned being around him that aiming for perfection in everything and always is not a bad thing and I am still learning these things from him now.

Here is a Bio I had sent to me:

“Khalid Angelo Mutakabbir was born on May 20,1991 in New York City, New York, the son of Abdul Mutakabbir, and Odette Russell. From the age of 8 Khalid grew up in Georgia where his father and mother trained them in the art of Swam. Khalid is the youngest of 5 sons with careers ranging from businessmen, entrepreneurs, actors, models, and lastly a professional basketball player. Khalid began branching off from martial arts to basketball at a young age, although the hard working ethic and discipline was developing to another level. Khalid comes from a widely known master of Swam in the martial arts world being undefeated for 10 years, and a mother who is now a life coach, and a health and wellness professional.”  

This should help you understand the type of guy that Khalid is! Disciplined, Relentless, and most importantly Hard Working.  I had Khalid send me a list of his injuries:

2008- fractured ankle (left ankle)
2010- bone spurs in ankle (left ankle)
2011 – torn labrum on shoulder (right shoulder)
2013 – surgical implant put in front tooth(left tooth)
2015 – torn patella tendon knee (left leg)

The 2015 Injury: 

“When Khalid graduated from 4 Years of Presbyterian College he went to Trikala, Greece to start off his professional career. His first year in Greece he shot 39% from the 3 pointer, where he hit4 3’s in a games with playing 8 games. Khalid’s second year kicked off in Coruna, Spain. From there he averaged double digits throughout multiple games through the season, while ending the year shooting 37% from the 3 point line, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and playing 20 minutes a game. And he received 3 player of the week honors playing for Coruna. Khalid’s 3 rd season was in Mallorca, Spain playing for the team Palma Air Europa. He led the team in scoring 5 times throughout first 14 games, averaging 62% from the field, 88% form the FT line, and 34% from the 3 point line all before his injury.” (insert from his BIO) FullSizeRender-1.jpg

That 2015 injury was a game changer.  Being in Mallorca, Spain progressing each season to a better team each season working so hard in the off season, being away from his family, girlfriend, coaches, trainers… now this. We were talking a lot of the phone at this point.  I was in San  Diego trying to continue to grow and progress as a trainer, Khalid was transitioning back to Atlanta to being a long extensive road in rehab, and he was the most positive person in my life at that point.  He never got down, he always pushed me, talked through difference senarios or roads I could take to make sure I as always progressing.  These moments in life Khalid could ask, “why me?”  Why am I on plane back to USA mid season, why another injury, I have worked to hard for this, is this the end, all my hard work has come down to this?”

Do you know what Khalid did instead — He came back to Atlanta and worked with the best rehab team, surrounded himself with his best friends and family, worked on a clothing line with his best friend in Atlanta, started a basketball camp, worked with some of the best coaches in LA, studied hours and hours about his injury and the best way to rehab out of his own house, and GREW mentally and physically.

You can find Khalid Mutakabbir now in San Sabestian, Spain.  He most recent post on January 27th read this, “this hasn’t been the easiest journey for me.  But I am confident that im understanding this and feel like the old me is fading.”  this gives me chills and THIS is what life is ALL ABOUT.  FullSizeRender-3.jpgI am so blessed to have this guy on my side and in my life.  This is what makes life so incredible, knowing that bad things are going to happen, life is not going to work out the way you planned, and there is so much happiness and freedom in knowing that is ok.  With the right people in your life, God on your side, and joy in you body you can get through anything life throws at you.  Thank you Khalid for modeling this, we are all pulling for you and know this is about to be your best year yet.


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Author: ShaunNibert

Group Fitness Instructor  Specializing in Fitness Kickboxing, Bootcamp, TRX & RIP Training, and Small Group Training. Personal Trainer Equipped to handle anyones personal needs and goal

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