Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2016

Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2016 

This post is not meant to teach you some ground breaking ways to improve your life in 2017, but overall this is just an HONEST recap of this year for me through the lens of mistakes, good AND bad people, travel experiences, etc.  This year was a “growing” year for me if I had to sum it up into one word.  Beginning 2016 I had no idea that I would be leaving San Diego, CA, many great friends (also some not so good ones), a career in the Fitness Industry that spanned two Businesses as well as my own in home clients that I had worked to gain in a city where when I moved there knew 2 people! Then moving to Greenville, SC with no job but rent to pay.  Seeing God completely provide this awesome position at Burn Bootcamp Greenville with a entirely new slew of people that have become so close to me.  It’s been a great year, but I am not trying to bore you with a sappy recap of 2016 : )

  1.  GOOD Relationships are a Game Changer: Something everyone should know about me is that true friendships mean more to me than pretty much everything and if i have good people in my life I consider that everything.  This is my greatest encouragement but can also be my greatest downfall (bad experiences can keep me down much longer than it should)  After a series of some bad friendships, disloyalty, hidden agendas, etc.   I became cold and disconnected from many and my trust level in others was at an all time low.  Understanding that having solid friendships people that BELIEVE IN YOU, PUSH YOU, ARE POSITIVE, BRING THE BEST OUT IN YOU, ARE LOYAL AND TRUST WORTHY, ALSO VALUE FRIENDSHIP, LISTEN.  So instead of not trusting others I put my time and effort into maintaining those that are great friends. Being the friend to them that you desire was a great starting point for me.   Disconnecting from those “friends” that are disloyal, gossipy, want you to fail so they feel better, see the worst in others,  and are Negative was also big for me.  Lastly, it is so important to put effort into keeping up with your close friends and thats what I plan to get better and better at each year.
  2. SELFISHNESS is the fast track to the WORST year:   This is extremely hard for me to write about, but this year I learned a lot about my own selfishness.  I believe many very successful people would say that selfishness is the true key to success and I can see that… BUT to MUCH selfishness I believe leads to loneliness and sadness.  This year I spent a lot of time on thinking about the future and me, me, me.  Again thinking about the future is a really good trait in success but for me it dominated me to the point where a lot of times it was all that I though about.  I have a very tough time with balance and I am also very self motivated so many times my selfishness came before making sure I was being a good friend and family member to those around me again leading to loneliness.  I am determined to find that balance this year between being motivated but not so stuck on what I am doing.
  3. Being Present in Each Moment: I feel like I sucked a lot at this this year.  In a media and content driven society I devoted a lot of time at worrying about what other people were doing that it stole from my current moment.  I have some really good friends in family in my life that are good at noticing that and have helped a lot. Thinking that every Facebook message and email should be answered within minutes places you on other peoples time frame and steals from the current moment. Greatest lesson from this year was a couple of weeks ago going out to desert in California with one of my best friends who now I don’t get to see a lot during the year and being out there in the middle of Ocotillo Wells with no cell phone service and how much fun being PRESENT actually is.  We made some great memories and we didn’t do to much.  Between making a fire, setting up the tent, driving over hills in the truck, making dinner, it was a great learning lesson of the importance of being present and what a game changer it really is to relationships and memories.
  4. Importance of Being POSITIVE and its strong correlation to GRATITUDE: My mom many times in the past is the greatest at picking up on whats really going on with me mentally.  I overall try stay positive but my mom would always catch the brunt and sometimes ALL of my negativity, a couple years ago she mentioned to me that I am most negative when I am tired and forget all I have to be grateful for.  This year I was more aware of that when I talked to her on the phone and I noticed that when those thoughts came up I needed to GO TO SLEEP : ) or I would just start thanking God for all for the good things that were happening.  Thankfulness is POWERFUL.  Try it… it is not hard to thank God for all the good that you do have in your life.  I always want more, I am very PROGRESS driven and thankfulness keeps me in check.
  5. The importance of LEARNING: I will be the FIRST to admit my HATRED towards school my entire life! People ask me what was your favorite subject in school (I still cannot answer that question) I did an internship at the gym in college is my only answer.  That is not to diss school or college at all it just for me is an honest answer. There are so many great teachers out there who are incredible and I had MANY of them and I am very thankful for them and learned a lot from each one.  Now knowing what I am most passionate about and finding books that I enjoy and books that push me to be better has been huge.  Podcasts have also been huge in my progress driven mind so even if whats going on around doesn’t seam like progress at least I am experiencing progress in my own mind.  “The School of Greatness” Podcast by Lewis Howes has been a big player in Learning for me.  Learning as an adult is so much more fun in my opinion.

This has been a great exercise for me and has helped me to see what really needs improvement in my life and what areas to focus on.  I hope it helps in some small capacity for you as well.  Would love any feedback : )


Author: ShaunNibert

Group Fitness Instructor  Specializing in Fitness Kickboxing, Bootcamp, TRX & RIP Training, and Small Group Training. Personal Trainer Equipped to handle anyones personal needs and goal

5 thoughts

  1. Shaun, good read buddy! I could not agree with you more and have actually used a couple of these in my everyday life. Big one being present in the moment. Life moves at a uncontrollable rate, if we maximize each given present moment then time will feel abundant and we will feel more full in our everyday lives.

  2. This is awesome Shaun! You are young and very wise and you definitely set an example of a true and raw REAL person in your writings. My hubby and I are blessed to have you as a friend. Keep your head up and keep these wise posts coming, it’s refreshing in a world of negativity!

  3. Shaun, you are such an inspiration. I especially need to work on being present in the moment and focusing on the good that God has provided in abundant blessings. Thanks for your positivity and for pushing us hard to do the best we can, and not just give up when we feel like it. You are awesome, and my sisters and I think you are so wonderful !!

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