Help the Holidays Are Coming

HELP! The Holidays Are Coming!
Being in this business for going on my 7th Christmas I know the GREATEST Concern is “how do I enjoy the Holiday Season without ruining all of my hard work?”  Below are some ideas to help you stay fit and healthy during this holiday season.
1.  Focus on 1 healthy habit — Don’t go into a party with a laundry list of rules. Decide either to go without Alcohol, dessert, or appetizers.  Go without one not all.
2.  Follow the Three Bite Rule — if its a tasty treat that you want, eat three bites of it, no need to scarf down the entire thing!
3.  Apple before dinner — Apples are FULL of FIBER that help you stay full longer.  That way when you get to the restaurant or party you want be reaching for all of the carbs right off the bat.
4.  Online Shopping Workout — for every online purchase that you make you have to crank out 10 burpees, 10 squats, and 10 push ups.  You know thats a good idea for many reasons.
5.  Plan Ahead — if you are going to a party on Friday Night, commit to being the FIRST at Burn Bootcamp the next morning.  Get real crazy and maybe do some parking lot laps before camp.
6.  Skip the Holiday Cocktail — stick to the drinks that have the LEAST amount of ingredients.
7.  Friends help Friends — make sure you have people joining you.  Its hard to do things alone, invite new friends in for the 14 Day Trial, their excitement may spur you on to push through the holiday season.
8.  Do not neglect your workouts — I know the holiday season gets busy but everyone can fit in a 45 minute workout. Commit to 4 workouts a week and decide to control your holiday season and not let it control you.
Here for you, post comments below for blog ideas that would help YOU!

Author: ShaunNibert

Group Fitness Instructor  Specializing in Fitness Kickboxing, Bootcamp, TRX & RIP Training, and Small Group Training. Personal Trainer Equipped to handle anyones personal needs and goal

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